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The cost of this year’s conference registration is $50 per day for all students or $100 for the three day conference. Membership numbers will still be required as part of the registration process. 


Adult registration is $25

School Fee with Junior Troupe $25 

School Fee without Junior Troup $35

Optional Cost:

IE's: $15

Lunch: $25 per student per day

Dinner: $30 per student per day

5-Meals (Two Dinners & Three Lunches): $125 per person

Our 2024 State Conference will be held January 4th, 5th and 6th.

All prices and procedures for the conference can be found in the CONFERENCE GUIDE.

The website will accept registrations for State Conference from September 13th - November 11th.

There will be NO late registrations accepted.

2024 Missouri Medical Consent

2024 Administrator Approval Form

To Register click this link.

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